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Monday, 2 March 2015

The MacLaren Art Centre

I had the opportunity last Thursday to head up to Barrie, Ontario. Well, actually, I was driven up by my friend Judy. We were both asked to take part in an event and we were getting our work to where it needed to go. Our destination was The MacLaren Art Centre. Even though it's a couple of blocks down from the Edge Gallery (they rep my artwork), I didn't know anything about them. It was a great surprise.

The MacLaren is all about art. They have gallery spaces with a variety of exhibitions running. I saw more then a few interesting things while I was there.  The not only host exhibits, but the have over 27,000 works of art in their permanent collection. They also run educational programs for all ages. It's the kind of facility that every community needs. And a great many super-friendly volunteers keep it running.

I'm happy to be taking part in the MacLaren's Benefactor Programme, where supporters can take home a piece of art for a whole year. Pieces are on loan from invited artists from all over Canada and at the end of the one year term, they can be purchased. What a great way to get art out to people.

Check them out when you are in Barrie.

Now, back to my paperwork.